Amy’s Grand Fondo

Well, it’s just over a week away and hopefully you have all your training done.

The week before an event is time to recover, rest and get ready for the big day. Whether you’ve done it ten times or it’s your first time, the preparation is the same. Here are a few tips on preparing yourself for the event:

  • Get your pre event massage.
    Of course I’m going to put this first! Two to three days prior to the event is perfect timing for your massage. If you think about all the training you’ve been doing, you don’t want to go into the event, tired and sore. A massage will flush out all that waste product in your muscles and freshen you up for the ride.
  • Check your equipment.
    Organised people will have their bike serviced prior to the event, but if that’s not you, then a quick once over will suffice. Look at your tyres for nicks and embedded glass, give your bike a wash and run through the gears to ensure they are changing correctly.
  • Clothing
    The golden rule is always, don’t wear anything brand new. There’s nothing worse than wearing a new pair of knicks that don’t sit right, it makes for a very uncomfortable ride. I plan a couple of weeks before, what I’m wearing and ensure it is comfortable.
  • Snacks & Drinks
    Always go with food and drink your stomach can handle. As with the clothing, don’t go for anything new on the day, otherwise, your couple of toilet stops might turn into many toilet stops! Also, carry plenty with you and always refill your water when you stop. Drinking and eating regularly will mean you don’t get dehydrated or have a hunger flat late in the ride.
  • Pace Yourself
    I’ve seen it time and again, everyone gets over excited at the start of an event and they end up riding faster at the start than they planned. This can have a knock on effect as the event goes on. Stick to your guns, ride at your pace not everyone else’s, you will appreciate it at the back end of the ride.
  • Have Fun
    Amy’s is a beautiful ride and so many people get caught up with getting around the course as fast as they can and they miss the amazing views. Think about why you signed up for the event; was it to break a world record? If the answer is no, then take the time to look around an enjoy yourself. It’s rare to get the opportunity to ride on these roads without cars, make the most of it!

    Finally, I wish you all the best of luck, no mechanicals, no rain and a tail wind the whole way! Ride safe, stay upright and look after your mates.

Happy riding!

Amy’s Grand Fondo

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