Having come from a family of teachers and a father who coached for 40 years, the path to coaching came quite naturally. Playing basketball from the age of seven, I moved into coaching quite early and loved it. Over the years, I coached from beginner to elite, young to old, before making it to the highest level. Moving into cycling, it was only a matter of time before I started coaching again.

Whether it be coaching cyclists, personal training for weekend warriors or athletes for strength and conditioning, my philosophy stays the same. It is about getting the most out of a person, helping them to achieve their goals and motivating them to push harder than they have before.

I get so much satisfaction and enjoyment knowing that I have helped an athlete learn a new skill or achieve their goal. The thought process that goes into designing a program, excites me; helping and mentoring that athlete through the program, watching them improve and grow. Whatever the goal, whether it be to improve fitness, learn new skills or prepare for a big race, a training program will absolutely set them on the path to success.

Please see the specific pages for more information about cycle coaching and personal training/strength & conditioning.

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