Cycle Coaching

Cycle Coaching

After years of being a competitive cyclist and working as an on-road and ergo instructor, I always found myself being drawn to people who were inexperienced and needed help. I loved on-road instructing, it was so satisfying to see someone learn a new skill and become more confident, knowing that I had helped them to become a better cyclist. From my years as a myotherapist, I can look at how someone sits on their bike and know what technique changes need to be made, what adjustments we can make to make you a better, more efficient rider. 

I know what it is like to be a beginner and not understand the lingo or the etiquette, I have had coaches over the years who have pushed me to my limits, I also know what it is like to overtrain and burn myself out.  

I finally decided to obtain my cycling coaching qualifications in 2019, after which, I took on a coaching role with the Hawthorn Cycling Club junior program. 

If you are interested in a program, please send me an email:

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