Personal Training | Strength & Conditioning

Personal Training | Strength & Conditioning

After qualifying as a personal trainer in 2012, I took on various roles, training groups and individuals in gyms and outdoors. That variety developed the ability to think on my feet and create exciting and challenging training programs no matter where we are or what equipment we have available. 

Looking for a new challenge, I qualified as a level one strength and conditioning coach, completing my practical hours at the Victorian Institute of Sport. The insights and knowledge I gained at the VIS were invaluable and greatly assisted me when taking on the S&C coaching for the Hawthorn Cycling Club junior program. 

My training programs are written specifically for each group or individual, with their goals as the priority. Using the knowledge and expertise I have as a myotherapist and having worked in the corporate world; I write programs that are achievable and take into consideration work/family life as well.

Whilst cycling is my passion, I work with people from all different backgrounds and interests. It does not matter what the sport or the goal, I can write a program that is suited to you.

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