Personally, I love cupping and get treated on a weekly basis. In my treatments, I use cupping for Myofascial Release

Fascia is like cling-film around muscles and organs. Myofascial Release aims to stretch and smooth this clingfilm so your body can work at its best.

How does it work?

The skin is covered in oil to ensure there is good suction when glass cups are heated and applied to the skin’s surface. When the air on the inside of the cups are heated and place it on the skin, a vacuum seal is created, which draws the skin in to the cup. The size of the cup ie. the volume within the cup, will determine the amount of pressure the cup applies to the skin. I can either leave the cup in place and put more cups on, or slide the cup around to break up any restrictions in the fascia – this is called gliding.

The cups are left on for no longer than 20 minutes and may cause a discolouration to the skin. The marks left can range from very light to almost black. Whilst, they look like bruises, they do not feel like them. In my experience, the darker the colour indicates injury or overuse of a particular muscle. 

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