Spring Has Sprung

Spring is here, yippee! With the warmer weather on it’s way, you might be inclined to get back into an exercise routine. As a client said the other day, “time to get cracking on the summer body!”

During the winter months, it is quite common to let that routine go. I mean seriously, who wants to get up early on a dark, cold morning or head out on a rainy evening?!

On the positive side, if you are a regular exerciser, your body will appreciate the break.

The thing you need to remember is that you have taken time off, you are out of your routine. You certainly will not be able to do things you did the last time you exercised. You will need to prepare yourself mentally and physically. 


– it may be hard to accept that you aren’t in the same physical shape.

– you might not be able to do things that you once could.

– your motivation could be lacking

– it might seem too big a mountain to climb


– it will be hard

– your body will hurt

– you won’t be the same as you once were

– you may have put on a few kilos

So, how do you get going again?

A routine is key, as well as making a concerted effort. Sounds so simple right?

Here are a few suggestions:

– write out your weekly schedule. This helps you to find gaps where you can incorporate your new exercise routine. 

– be realistic! I’ve lost count of how many times clients have said they will train seven days a week when they can only manage two. 

– what do you like? There’s no point starting an exercise routine doing exercises you hate. I can guarantee you won’t do it.

– start slow. At the start your motivation will be high, yeah, of course you can do 4,5,6 sessions! Then by the end of the first week, your body is sore and motivation drops. Start with 2 sessions, then build from there.

– don’t be a bull at a gate! You might join a training group and you’ll turn up to find all these fit people and you’ll try to compete with them. Everyone’s fitness builds at a different rate.

– give yourself a break. If you miss a session or two, it is ok. Get back on the horse again.

– have fun.

So what’s stopping you? Get out there and have fun!

Spring Has Sprung

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