Time to come out of hibernation

Only a few more weeks of winter left, the days are starting to get longer and (thankfully) warmer. If you are like me and have hibernated over the last few months, getting back into exercise can be daunting.

Here are a few bits of advice for those of you starting back exercising:

  1. Start off easy.
    If you’ve done nothing for the last few months or even years, the worst thing you can do is go back to training every day. Begin with one or two sessions a week, then build up consistently.

  2. Don’t go like a bull at a gate!
    Sure you’re motivated to train, but hey, your body doesn’t know that. Take is easy for the first few sessions and see how your body responds. There’s nothing worse than going too hard in the first session, only to not be able to move for the next week.

  3. Listen to your body
    If you are in pain and that little voice in your head is saying “stop” then stop. Pain is your body’s alarm system; it is telling you something is not right.

  4. DOMS are not fun!
    Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, it’s a real thing and is quite common when doing a new exercise. You are asking your body to do something it hasn’t done before or not for a while, so you will be sore. Personally, day two is always the worst!

  5. Recovery is key
    Yes, I know some of you will be rolling your eyes at that, but I will keep on like a broken record. Post exercise stretching, rolling, magnesium baths and of course MASSAGE, these are all great ways to recover. Plus, it makes you feel great and can reduce DOMS!

  6. Have fun
    Choose an exercise that you enjoy doing, it makes so much easier to train when you are having fun. Besides, why would you do something you don’t like?

Now get out there and have fun!

Time to come out of hibernation

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