Expectations vs Reality

You’ve just spent the last 18 or so months in lockdown. You are tight and sore from either sitting around doing nothing or, you went on one of those crazy lockdown exercise frenzies (don’t get me started on the burpee challenge!) and are now desperate for someone to fix your poor broken body.

Can it be done in a one hour session?

Hell no! 18 months = 1 hour session, does that seem logical to you?

However, patience is a virtue. Yes, I can help you get back into shape, but it takes time.

The question for you is, are you prepared to give me the time?

My ego isn’t large enough to believe that I can “fix” people. I can help you get back on track, to feel better, but you need to be part of this too. After all, you got yourself into this mess!

So, when you come in to see me, accept the reality of the situation, we need to work together for you to feel better.

Expectations vs Reality

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