Re-Start Friday 22nd October 2021

Yes! Great news this morning with lockdown ending this Thursday. I am so excited to get back to work and see all my wonderful clients.

Bookings are open, starting Friday 22nd October, there are a few spots available for the week starting Monday 25th October. If you cannot get the day or time you want, please try the week after, there are plenty of appointments available.

Please note:
I have chosen to be fully vaccinated for my health and to help protect my family, friends and clients, some of which are immuno-compromised. Therefore, until further notice, I will only accept bookings from vaccinated people.

This is my choice, I have a duty of care to all of my clients. 

If you have not already linked your vaccination certificate to your Services Victoria app, please show me your certificate when you arrive for your appointment.

Re-Start Friday 22nd October 2021

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