Victorian Lockdown 5.0

Well, the announcement yesterday wasn’t surprising and with 22 more cases today, it is justified for us to stay locked down for another week.

After the shock announcement last week and the subsequent tanty (I have to admit that I stopped watching the news a long time ago), I am now resigned to the fact that my business must stay closed until it is safe to restart. I know a lot of people have differing views, but for me personally, I would be devastated if I was the cause of an outbreak, so I will comply with orders.

Yes, my business is hurting financially and it is extremely frustrating to be left in no-mans-land by my government, but what can I do?!

Life is a roller-coaster at the moment, I’m trying to be positive, so here is a list of my positives about this lockdown:

– It’s bloody cold and raining outside, perfect for serious couch time
– Spending quality time with my love
– The Olympics starts in today, I love sport, and the Olympics is my favourite event to watch.
– Not wearing a bra
– 24/7 puppy love
– Fully focused on the second week of my Zwift program
– I have a great studio set up for gym and Zwifting, so I can train the house down
– Getting stuff done that I have avoided
– Watching Netflix, Amazon and crap reality TV that I hate admitting I love
– I’m healthy, fully vaccinated and whilst it doesn’t prevent me from catching Covid, I am relieved that I am half as likely to pass it on if I do catch it.

What are your positives for this lockdown?

Victorian Lockdown 5.0

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